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Scottish government international trade and investment strategy

scottish government international trade and investment strategy

all water resources. Local authorities will have a statutory duty to provide adequate arts and entertainments facilities; and the arts will be zero-rated in respect of VAT. Our detailed policy is set out in Labour's Programme 1982. Start to create a fairer Britain, with decent social services for all. This applies even in the case of Guatemala, which the US is re-arming, when it lays claim to Belize, to whose defence we are committed.

scottish government international trade and investment strategy

Scottish nationalist and social-democratic political party in e SNP supports and campaigns for. It is the second-largest political party by membership in the United Kingdom, behind the Labour Party and ahead of the Conservative Party,. Ukti was formed in May 1999 as British.

scottish government international trade and investment strategy

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Established a 'youth initiatives fund' to give greater recognition and support to organisations which represent young people's interest. Since the election, prescription charges have increased from 20p.40 per item. Labour will also support key industries in the public sector. But we will work out with the unions concerned what this means for the individual industries and firms. Repeal the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill, because it infringes the rights and freedoms of individuals. We will also give a new priority to getting empty council owned housing back into use. We oppose sbi forex swift code branches in india any attempt to expand the role of the alliance into other continents. Extend workers' rights and industrial democracy in local government, by enabling non-voting employee representatives to be co-opted on to committees, and encouraging the introduction of formal procedures for participation in decisions on the implementation of policy. Labour will do more than reverse these policies.

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