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Computer gk for competitive exams in hindi

computer gk for competitive exams in hindi

associated with? Sugar in the blood. The purpose of Genetically modifying brinjal and cotton as Bt-Brinjal, Bt-Cotton was to make them? Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. SEO for : Meta Robot(index, follow) : same title for all : Title: OG Title: Twitter Title: same description for all : Description: OG Description: Twitter Description: same image for all : OG Image: Twitter Image: H1: Content heading: Content: Keyword: canonical: Validate, submit.

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Which variety of coal contains the highest percentage of carbon? Which one of following vitamins can be synthesized by human body? In elephants, which teeth are grow into huge tusks? Which one of the following is a pigment? Fried Gram Ans:. What is defined as the change in velocity over time?

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