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Benefits and risks of carry trade strategy

benefits and risks of carry trade strategy

downward-sloping trendline is drawn, the bottom is a simple duplicate. Taking into consideration the break at 248.50 and half of the full forecast of 324 pips, initial targets should be set at 250.12 with the corresponding stop five pips below the session low. In Figure 2, the bottom trendline has been pushed slightly higher to incorporate the bodies rather than the wicks. As a result, the distance between the two prices is 324 pips.

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Source: FX Trek Intellicharts Figure 4: Trade setups in the NZD/JPY Conclusion Flags and pennants can accurately support profitable trading in the currency markets by assisting in the capture of overwhelming market momentum. In this case, the break occurs approximately.40 with the entry being placed at that session's close.46 (Point C). We saw this with the Japanese Yen during the Great Financial Crisis. But how can one enter into a market that is already seemingly overheated? More forex strategy articles. 11, 2007, a visual burst can be seen by chartists as bidders take the currency higher over the next 48 hours, establishing a temporary top at Point.

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