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Bank nifty weekly option trading strategy

bank nifty weekly option trading strategy

Paramter Value Nifty Bank Nifty Initial Capital Final Capital 1482002.00 Backtest Period 01-Jan-2010 to 30-Sep-2016 01-Jan-2012 to 30-Sep-2016 Net Profit 641.00 745.87 Annual Return.59.79 Number of Trades 33 28 Winning Trade.55.57 Average holding Period.24 periods.96 periods Max consecutive losses. If you are horribly wrong, you will make a lot of money. What is difference between buying and selling options, and what is Futures trading. 3-5 per month is what you make on blocked margin. If they can make money why cant you? Feel comfortable and call, I am not one of those professional guys. The NR7 Trading strategy has a close to linear equity curve. I do not call anyone, traders interested in the course call.

Another is position size as a percentage of Equity. That said some traders, as you have seen above, like Ravi and Inder are doing much better. These people invest money only in knowledge to become better traders.

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It is a process that can earn you consistent returns in the long run. Then to share my knowledge and to help traders make money, I opened this website. My aim is to make you a better disciplined trader with the stock trading and investing education and strategies you get from this website. If you can also enter that league, it will be great, and you will also make me proud. You also get one great stock option strategy. You will get important emails with ideas to trade my strategies and other ideas on trading till you are successful trading my strategies. If positional what happens in gap up or gap down next day? Remember this is a paid service so please get the best out of me when we are talking. IMP: The course is based on logic not on magic. 1000 extra for the phone service, as it takes my time. He was a market maker in cobe (Chicago Board Options Exchange). Once you pay I will send you the course materials for studying to your email.

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